Back on the road

Jan 06, 2012

It’s been 4 weeks since I skidded down the road on my shoulder and head. My head was ok, so they said, but as you all know my collarbone took the force of the road.

Today ( Friday 6th ) I got a few great words from Doctor David Potter at Claremont Sports Medicine Hospital.

” you’ve passed, you’re discharged ”

After 3 weeks of steady recovery, I am now allowed out on the road again.

I had a bit of a blast around the streets tonight on my bike, but that was really just to set up my new Garmin 500.

It felt bloody good though.

Tomorrow is the big day, training with brother Russ and a few of the lads. I can only imagine I’ll be smiling a lot, and generally enjoying being a bike rider outdoors again.

Then Sunday I’m heading to Lanzarote for 10 days and the teams official training camp.

Thanks for all the support in the last 4 weeks.

Check out this little Blog and video.

Wattbike has kept my legs moving over the last 2 weeks.




dean0downingDean Downing
3rd tonight in Woking @TourSeries. Overtaken by @Ed_Clancy as the most winningest rider. #classact
10 months ago
dean0downingDean Downing
Woking @TourSeries. The scene where @johnherety told me off for winning a bike race. Those were the days.........Winning bike races.
10 months ago
dean0downingDean Downing
@pauloggy @liamholohan cheers mate. Should be a good race..
10 months ago
dean0downingDean Downing
Bigger Tree. RT @Dominiclangan: Today @tennanto is mostly being @LittleTreesUk in Woking #tourseries
10 months ago

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